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What To Do In Port Jeff: #100 – Shopping on Historic East Main Street

When driving down Main Street, the thoroughfare that leads right to the , those "in the know" know to veer off the beaten trail and give East Main Street a turn. East Main Street in Port Jefferson is like Greenwich Village to Main Street's Time Square – two distinct areas with two very different personalities.

All of the shops along East Main Street are a destinations on their own but taken as a whole, it's an experience in and of itself. East Main Street is a window shoppers' paradise. Almost every store is housed in a historic building or an old home. Just walking along East Main and taking in the scenery feels like strolling in old Port Jeff.

You're likely to find all kinds of interesting things on East Main and many of the unique boutiques are also home to the works of local artisans. From 's quirky eco-centric, fair trade fashion accessories to vegetarian delights any shopper jaded from countless trips to the mall will find a breath of fresh air. Are gourmet doggie treats what you're looking for? Then head to . Perhaps a used book is more your style? Then go to the .

Walk up East Main from beginning to end and you'll find everything from fabulous earrings at Tabu to stylish children's clothes for your little one at . There are things you can get on East Main Street that you just can't find anywhere else. It's diverse too. Get knitting gear at , look at some modern art while enjoying a delicious breakfast at , find a good interior designer at and pick up Christmas decorations year-round at . For your house you can find antiques and home accessories at any number of places like , , or .

Even the basic necessities are there. Get a , do some and go to the .

Shopping East Main is an experience not to be missed. So next time you're heading to Port Jefferson to spend the day or if you're just looking for a gift that's different then head over to East Main Street and shop until you drop. Just make sure you have some on first.

Category: Shopping Price: Varies Season: All Note: Don't forget that East Main Street wraps all the way from Main Street to East Broadway.


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